valentin /bass/
marco /e-guitar, synth/
pedro /vocals, guitar, percussion/

Rahal is a berlin based three-piece alternative experimental indie band (we made that genre up).

Rahal includes live-looping, an acoustic guitar, feedback, bone shaking sub basses, different analog synth sounds at every gig and a confusing mixture of English and Spanish vocals.

You can listen to this band with your ears!


marco provides the kick of weirdness every good band needs (and the looks…). catchy synth lines, unconventional guitar solos and new sounds all contribute to the unique rahal sound.


pedro’s guitar and vocals are often the singer-songwriteresque foundation of the song.
throw that into loopers and delays, add his live-recorded drum loops and the rest of the band and you get a unique rahal song.


valentin’s bass playing combines tight rythms with melodic elements.
his skill with the fretless bass and his knowledge of effects provide the subby low end that rahal’s sound is built upon.